What To Expect

We will have an initial 90-minute session, where I encourage you to tell me as much as possible about yourself so that I can try to understand what is going on in your life and where you might be stuck. After this session I may give you a homeopathic remedy and I may also provide you with one or more poems to work with. I will probably ask you to do some work yourself, and I may suggest that you book a further appointment.

You may want to have several sessions to work on one or more issues, or you may want to leave it at one session for now.

If you are interested in exploring poetry further, we can work together with a poem that you already know touches your life, or we can work together to try to find one or more that does so. We can then experiment with the poem, speaking it in different ways, concentrating on all or parts of it, and together observing where and how your energy responds to it. I will probably ask you to move at times to explore how it affects you, and we will look at parts of the poem that you particularly like and dislike to make further insights into your current situation. I may also suggest that you learn some or all of the poem by heart.

My experience of using poetry in this way is that it can be a profound healing tool, and can really help us to move forward with life. I am really excited to be starting to work in this way, and to be sharing this with others.

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