Poetry As Medicine

In 2017 I came across the work of Kim Rosen, who uses poetry to heal individuals and communities. I had already been given a number of poems over the previous few years, and had discovered for myself how profound a poem can be when it resonates. This was a complete surprise to me as I’d always thought I didn’t “get poetry” and I certainly didn’t expect to be using it myself in a homeopathic way.

I started to read poems for myself, starting with Mary Oliver, and I discovered I really loved it! I then read Kim Rosen’s book “Saved by a Poem”, which documents her experiences of poetry as medicine, and this helped me look at poems in a completely different way and understand why I’d always felt poetry to be alien to me.

In 2018 I started some training with Kim, and I’m also working with two people she’s trained, John Hillman and Jules Heavens, and learning from them, as well as from the poems themselves. I will give a client a poem if I sense that this will be helpful in their healing journey and if it says what I feel it will help them to hear.

In my work I currently use poems written by Mary Oliver, Marie Howe, Rumi, David Whyte, Mark Nepo, and other contemporary and past poets.

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