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Homeopathy for Health in Africa

There are a number of homeopathy projects in Africa, using homeopathy to help some of the world’s poorest people. Homeopathy for Health in Africa, set up by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr, has been operating in Tanzania since 2008, working with over 5000 people with HIV/AIDS in a permanent clinic, hospitals and 16 rural outreach clinics, including remote Maasai lands where there is no access to medical treatment.

The people living with HIV/AIDS show great improvement very quickly, both in the symptoms of AIDS and in the side effects of their antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, which 90% of patients are taking and which prolong life, but cause severe side effects. These generally improve within a week of starting homeopathy, enabling people to stick to their ARV regime and therefore to receive the full benefits of these drugs. This is the great benefit of homeopathy and conventional medicine working in an integrative way.

The other issue is that patients who do not eat regular, nutritious meals react badly to these drugs, yet many of them cannot afford even one meal a day. HHA started communal garden projects, by buying seeds, chickens and pigs, and the members of the AIDS groups attend to these to supply food for themselves and to sell.

Most patients have blood tests every 3–6 months and in many cases there is great improvement. Doctors are positively surprised and very encouraging. There are also quick and definite improvements in energy levels, general wellbeing, appetite, dreams and emotional states, and patients who were confined to bed, and their families to hunger, can now work.

The patients love the fact that it is a natural medicine, that it treats the spirit as well as the body, and that it is free of charge. But most of all they appreciate that it really helps them and has no side effects.

You can read more about this great project here: http://homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org/interview-with-jeremy-sherr/.

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