CEASE Therapy for Autism

CEASE therapy was developed by a Dutch homeopath, Dr Tinus Smits. CEASE stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression, and the treatment involves detoxification of all possible causative factors, including vaccination, medication, environmental toxins, effects of illness, etc. The causes of autism are poorly understood, but in some cases there are strong links to one particular trigger, such as a vaccine. Most children are healthy enough to withstand any possible side effects of vaccination, but if a child is particularly susceptible to this, then in some cases they can be adversely affected; parents sometimes notice that their child’s eczema starts or worsens after one of the routine vaccinations, for example. Susceptibility varies within us all, and you will have noticed that some of us are more prone to catching colds or stomach bugs, for example, and that even within a family or other community, not everybody catches every bug that goes around. So it makes sense that some people are more likely to be affected by a medication or vaccination than others are.

To practise CEASE therapy, a homeopath needs to undertake specific training, so that they are competent to provide the appropriate treatment for every child. Some children with autism respond amazingly well to ordinary homeopathic treatment, and will start to sleep better or eat a wider variety of foods or interact with other people more, for example. Other children only have a partial response to this, and it is then that the homeopath will look for other potential factors. CEASE therapy involves the use of supplements such as Omega 3 oils and fat-soluble vitamin C, as well as homeopathic remedies made from different vaccines. It can be a long process, but there can be spectacular results, especially if the parent knows that their child had a definite reaction to one particular trigger.

I trained as a CEASE therapist in 2014, and my experiences to date are that significant changes can take place in a child’s sleep and behaviour using this method, after initially using more conventional homeopathic treatment. My advice to parents is that it can be life-changing, as long as you are prepared for the process to take time and for the ups and downs it can bring.

Full information on CEASE therapy is available here: http://www.cease-therapy.com.

If you are concerned about any potential side effects of vaccination, one easy step is to wait until your baby is slightly older before vaccinating; every month will mean that her immune system is better developed and more able to cope. Another step is to only have one vaccination at a time, so that your baby can assimilate this much more easily. However, please remember that the vast majority of children are not harmed by vaccination.

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